50 Shades of Gay

(work in progress)

Chapter 1: Dat first meeting

Anna's heart fluttered with excitement as the elevator rushed rapidly upwards through Salesforce Tower, the tallest building in San Francisco. "This city may be among the most homosexual in the country", she thought to herself with a smile, "but this is definitely not gay!"

The elevator arrived with a pleasant ping and the doors slid open. Standing in front of Anna were two identical twin girls, dressed in matching Stilleto heels and black Gucci jackets. "Mr. Faggot will see you now", they announced in unison.

Anna gulped, and stepped forward.

Chapter 2: BDSM

Anna had never shoved many things up her asshole before, but today was no ordinary Tuesday. It was her 21st birthday, and she was about to meet notorious billionaire Mr. Faggot of Faggot Publishing, one of the most valuable companies in America.

"I don't make love", Mr. Faggot explained confidently the moment Anna walked into the room. "I fuck, hard. And only with other men". "I'm sorry, what?" Anna asked with a look of sheer confusion on her face. She obviously already knew who he was, but she had never met someone who introduced themselves this way before.

To be continued...